St. Gemma Galgani

St. Gemma Galgani
"What would have become of me, if I have not had Her?" -St. Gemma

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Genesis 43-50

Selected Lectio Reading:
Genesis 43-50


Genesis illustrated for me that tears and crying are a very human things. There are many examples where the males cry at the sight of something emotional. They are free to show their feelings and not hold them in as it might be seen as a weakness. They did not feel judged and were not judged in anyway. Joseph, Benjamin, and the rest of the twelve cried with one another when they found Jospeh.

In modern day films and entertainment, to show any signs of emotion is to be seen as a weakness. Society tells us that for males to cry is stupid and they are to be called terrible names. It also portray women as weak for showing so much emotion in our daily lives. As humans, we are taught to hold in their feelings and opinions. We are judged by those who do not own that right. This is completely wrong and painful to see. As we all can see, there is many things to learn from Genesis.


I am thankful for support and love from those around me, as well as the ability to smile at the simplest things.

Oratio/Prayer Intention:

Jesus, I wish that you look over the bullied and the abused. Please guide them along the path to safety and happiness. Amen.

Quote of the Day:

"Mosaics are made from broken pieces, but they're still works of art and so are you." -Anonymous

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  1. It is really unfortunate that we have these stereotypes which are only meant to belittle each other. How much better could we communicate with each other if we actually allowed ourselves and others to show what they're truly feeling? Thanks for sharing! God bless!