St. Gemma Galgani

St. Gemma Galgani
"What would have become of me, if I have not had Her?" -St. Gemma

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Psalm 23: The Divine Shepard

Selected Lectio Reading:
Ps 23


Since David was a shepherd, he's looking to the Lord as his shepherd. And just as the sheep lie down and eat in the pasture, so David is trusting God to take care of him. It reminds me that I need to trust God with everything, even the hard stuff. Because if he feeds the sheep, he will take care of me. I need to remember that if he lead David down the right path, he will do the same for me if I ask. My biggest thing is that I need to remember to ask.


Lord, this week I thank you for my friends. They are my anchors and hold me together with such power and love. I  am forever grateful for sending me comfort and happiness.

Oratio/Prayer Intention:

I pray for my family, Lord. I pray that they will each find their way to eternal happiness and to you. I ask that you guide me through rough moments and open my eyes to your grace. Amen.

Quote of the Day:

"Rome is built on ruins and is quite breathtaking; what makes you think you can't be too?" -Unknown

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  1. I love the connection you made to David being a shepherd prior to being king and how David still prayed for guidance from God, his shepherd. Your transition to how you can apply this was also very insightful. Thanks for sharing! God bless!